Exclusive Italian Wine

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Luigi & Giovanni’s Exclusive
Italian Wines

Aldo & Chiara Brancher, proprietors of Cantina Casetto located in Bardolino, VR, Italy came to us in March 2022 with an innovative concept. They asked if we would feature their wines at Luigi & Giovanni – without flinching, we were incredibly excited to partner with them on this project.

Fast forward to October, and we have dedicated a portion of our store to Cantina Casetto, and their premium selection of Italian Wines, all produced at their boutique winery in Bardolino, and imported directly to our store for you. We’re the only retailer in America who has dedicated their wine selection to Cantina Casetto – a small winery, producing only 4,500 cases per year. We’re honored to support the Brancher Family, and their family business – think of Luigi and Giovanni as a second home for Aldo, Chiara, and their whole family.

Come visit the wine shop, we will be offering frequent tastings throughout each month, pairing our delicious meats, and cheeses with these incredible wines of Italy.

A unique wine shopping experience only found at Luigi & Giovanni, see you soon!

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